Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Big Boy Bed

After Logan kept climbing out of his crib and into our bed Friday night and kept us up til 4:00 am we decided we needed to get a new bed for him FAST! So Saturday when David got home from work we headed to Walmart and got his new toddler bed. David set it up that night and Logan loves it! He is actually excited to go to bed to sleep in his big boy bed. We haven't had any problems with him not taking naps or anything. He did wake up at 5:00 one morning but he just came and crawled in our bed and fell back asleep. I am loving this bed! Plus we don't have to worry about him falling and getting hurt when he is so sleepy cause he is so close to the ground. Our next project is to stain all of the other furniture in his room to match.

Right after his daddy finished putting his bed together!

Loving his bed! Today for playdate he was excited to show Annie, Layne and Leslie!


Zion And Missy said...

Yeah for big boy beds!!!!

sbdunn said...

So exciting! And I love the sports blanket. I just got that same one for Jacob!

Leslie said...

I love how when I tried it out and my feet were hanging off the end they all told me I fit!

Rachel Washburn said...

I can't believe he is in a toddler bed! Thats good he is doing good with it though. I always watch your milestones with logan cuz I know Abby is just right behind and she does the things you say he does months after its funny!