Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Valentines Traditions

We had a really great Valentines Day weekend. It started out with David's birthday on Friday. We had a yummy lunch at Tucanos and then my wonderful family watched Logan while David and I went home and relaxed and took a nap. It was nice to just relax. On Saturday we had a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murpheys for lunch. I want to start this every year. I think as Logan gets older he will really enjoy this every year. Then we went to the BYU basketball game with my dad and grandpa and it was a great game. They are doing awesome this year. Later we did our normal tradition of Cafe Rio for Valentines day. We have done that every year for the past 6 years. When we woke up Sunday morning Logan had been up a lot of the night not feeling well so we decided not to take him to church which gave me plenty of time to make pink pancakes for breakfast. I want to start doing this every year for Valentines Day. Next year I will buy a heart shaped cookie cutter to make pink heart pancakes. I also made David a big heart shaped cookie. My mom used to make these for us every year when we were younger and when David and I were dating I used to make them for him. I don't think I had made him one in a few years though. If you want to the recipe for it you can go to my mom's blog When David got home he surprised my with flowers that he had bought last night and left in the car. I had no idea he had bought them. We decided that for Valentines Day and birthdays we were going to count our new Washing Machine and Dryer so I was pleasantly surprised. Then we gave Logan his new Backyardigans DVD we got him. We had a great weekend and can't wait to continue our new traditions next year.

David's big heart shaped cookie!

Heart shaped pizza.

Pink pancakes.

Logan opening up his new DVD. He had naptime hair.

The wonderful roses David got me!


Melanie said...

The wonderful roses David 'hot' you? Hmmm... something else on your mind Lindsay?

Looks like you guys had a great weekend.

Happy Valentine's Day! We missed you at dinner last night.

Rachel Washburn said...

You are so cute with all your new valentine traditions! I love the pancake idea I have never heard of that! You are such a fun mom! Sorry I never made it over on sat we can prob meet up sometime later on this week!