Sunday, April 11, 2010

Drive-In Movie

We decided to brave the cold this weekend and go to the drive-in. We saw How to Train Your Dragon and Percy Jackson. We all really like the first movie, but I think a lot of us fell asleep during the second.

Logan and Daddy in the nice warm car. I know Logan looks goofy in this picture, but I took about ten and this was the best of all of them. It was really dark so when the flash would go off both of my boys would make goofy faces.

It was really dark when I was taking pictures so I just kind of had to aim and shoot. This is what face Linc decided to make in the dark.

All the Aulai kids that came and Layne. They didn't stay outside for long. It was way cold. Leslie was the only one who managed to handle the cold weather.


Rachel Washburn said...

I have only been to the drive in once and have wanted to go back. That looks like alot of fun! We need to go over the summer and we can bring our big love sac!

Leslie said...

Yay! I love the drive in!!!!!!

Teresa Farmer said...

What a fun idea! I love that you guys always do different things. It looks like you guys always have so much fun!!

Emily said...

It was so cold but so fun!!!