Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Post

Easter weekend in pictures:

Logan looking through his Easter basket on Saturday morning. He got a swimsuit, Bolt, new sandals, bubbles, and fun sand toys for our trip to California this summer!

Easter Egg Hunt up at Suncrest. I babysit up there and they had an Easter Egg Hunt that we went to. It was freezing, but the kids got a lot of eggs!

Waiting to go outside to start Grandma and Grandpa's egg hunt.

This one is blurry cause once the door opened he dashed outside to start looking for eggs.

When he was looking for eggs he would put his finger up to him mouth and go "Hmmm".

Daddy helping him get an egg out of the tree.

Showing us his basket full of eggs.

Logan got the most money out of everyone. He got $9.15. He is saving that money for our trip to Disneyland.

Holding his egg drop. Daddy put 4 rolls of toilet paper around an egg and then stuffed all the holes with toilet paper. It last three drops. After that we went to grandpa throwing them on the ground to see whose would break and Logan's did. He kept telling everyone it popped.

Family watching the egg drop. This is always a very exciting event. My dad throws the entries over the roof and they land on the ground. Whoevers egg lasts through the throwing over the fence and then throwing on the ground get to pick a prize out of Grandpa's closet.


Emily said...

I love our Easter traditions!

Leslie said...

Finally! I've been dying for a new post. I ;ove Easter at Grandma and Grandpa's.

Rachel Washburn said...

Looks like you guys had a very fun easter. I like your tradtion of throwing the eggs over the roof that would be fun to watch. We need to get together soon after this weekend we dont have much so let us know when you guys can! Logan is so cute in his pictures!