Sunday, June 27, 2010

Butterfly Release

I know, I know I have been a terrible blogger. I cannot believe how busy our summer has been. Pretty much the only time we are ever home is to sleep. Its been crazy. And now my family has been bugging me about not blogging so what I am posting I am sure doesn't matter to most, but it will be good for journaling.
About a week and a half ago we finally let the butterflies go. Logan really didn't want to so we told him they had to fly away to find their families. He still asks about them everyday. My sister who bought them for him said they have a lot of different bugs you can "grow". We are thinking of maybe doing the praying mantis. We'll see. It still all creeps me out. But here are some pictures of us letting the butterflies go.
Logan holding the lid open for them to fly out. The first two had a hard time so David had to pull them out by hand.
Holding a butterfly for Logan to see.


Zion And Missy said... fun the see the kids watch and learn about nature. I bet this was a fun activity to do. Maybe I will have to look into this. I bet the kids would love it. :) He is getting bigger!

Emily said...

I loved hearing all about it!

michelle's 10 things said...

It was too hot and too early ;)for me to go. So glad you had fun.