Monday, March 26, 2012


Logan has always been a very funny boy, and lately he has been saying really funny/adult sounding things.

-"How peculiar. The lephrechaun put tape on his footprints."
-Logan-"Hilary, will you take this chair up to our clubhouse?"
Hilary-"No it's too big."
Logan-"Then how in carnation did I get it down from there?"
-"Hilary do you want to come over and play at the Quinney house?"
-Logan-"Mom can I play with play-doh?
Me-"No, wait til Leslie and Hilary come over."
Logan-"Well when will they be arriving?"
-"I really want to go watch some television."
-His favorite movie right now is Little Rascals and while he was watching it he said, "Mom, Darla sure looks cute in that dress."
The next day he was watching it again and he came and told me, "Actually Mom, Darla looks cute in everything she wears."
-I told Logan we had to leave soon so he turned his movie off. I told him we still had about ten minutes and he could keep watching and he said, "I would be honored to keep watching my show!"
The next one was mean, but also funny.
-(while on the phone with Emily)Logan-"When is Friday?"
Emily-"In 4 days."
Me-"Actually its only 3 days."
Logan-"No its not Mom. Its in 4 days.
Me-"No its only 3."
Logan to Emily-"Sorry about my mom she is just being obnoxious about this."
We just keep wondering where our 4 year old boy is. He talks like such an adult and keeps us laughing all the time. I couldn't imagine my life without this boy!


Rachel W. said...

Haha he really is one smart funny kid! I love all the big words he uses I can totally picture him saying it too haha. I loved your st. pattys post you are always so creative. Yes we do need to get together! I'll text ya and we can figure something out!

Emily said...

I wish I could remember some of the other funny ones! He is so hecka hilarious!!!