Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Saturday

Every year the Easter Bunny comes to our house on Saturday. This year was no exception, and the Easter Bunny did not dissapoint. Both Logan and Brooklyn got a new swimsuit, sandals, a kite, a new book, The Muppet Movie, and bean bag toss game, and a little bit of candy. Logan could not believe we finally had the Muppet Movie for our very own house! It is his favorite movie right now.
The Easter buckets.
Logan really wanted these gross fish bone swim trunks. Luckily for him the Easter Bunny loves him. He also starts soccer next week so he got a book called My First Soccer Game. We can't wait!
Brooklyn got the cutest new swimsuit. It has black and yellow stripes and bee wings on the back.
Saturday afternoon we always go bowling with my extended family. We love this tradition. It was so great to have my grandparents here for Easter and all of the great traditions we have. Brooklyn really wanted to pick the balls up.

Logan has always loved bowling and has gotten so much stronger since the last time we went. He didn't need a ramp at all and did really well.

We had such a great Easter Saturday. Easter Sunday will be posted soon.

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Emily said...

They look so cute bowling! I heard all about his "war cry"!