Sunday, April 22, 2012


Logan finally started his soccer season.  We signed him up in February and he has been so excited to finally start.  We went to his organization day last Saturday and they did a little practice.  He pretty much thought it was the greatest thing ever.  Finally on Tuesday he had his first game.  The kids all voted on a team name.  They are the Tigers.  Logan had so much fun, and we all had so much fun watching him and all of the other kids.  Unfortunately, David and I were out of town so we missed his second game, but he told us it was so much fun.  We can't wait for each game to watch him play and progress!

Lined up ready and getting ready to play.  Believe it or not he is not even the smallest on his team!

In the middle of the action.  We aren't sure why, but he makes this silly face while he is chasing after the ball.

He would get so thirsty while he was playing.  He kept trying to run off the field to get water.  Something to work on!

So happy after his first game.  Hilary and Layne even made a sign for him that said "Go Logan Go!"  He for sure had the biggest fan section!  Lucky boy was even in charge of treats for the first game!  We are loving soccer and can't wait for his next game!


Emily said...

He is so dang cute! What a lucky kid to be so confident:)

Rachel W. said...

What a cute soccer player. Abby wants to try soccer next. I love all your Easter pics too!