Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was great. We had church first thing in the morning and David spoke. He did such a great job. I am married to an amazing man. I am so grateful that each Easter we get to be at church to remind us why we truly celebrate. The Atonement. I am also so grateful that Logan knows Easter is fun, but we celebrate because of our Savior.
After church we had the Quinney family over for a little Easter egg hunt and dinner. Logan and I had fun putting candy in the eggs, and that he got to celebrate with his cousins. When dinner was over me and the kids went to my grandparents house (David stayed at our house with his family) for our big Easter celebrations! It started out with the Easter Egg hunt. This has always been one of my favorite things and it is so great watching my kids get to experience it. Logan did great and found all of his eggs and then more in the free for all. Each egg has candy and money in it and Logan ended up finding $8.75. Brooklyn had so much fun hunting for eggs as well. She ended up with $5.45.
Once the egg hunt was over we did the annual egg drop. I asked Logan what he wanted to do with his egg and he said he wanted to wrap it with yarn. So that is what we did. He was having so much fun he kept running his egg back to get thrown again and again. I think it got thrown twice as much as anyone else, and it broke. But he loved it and I loved watching him have so much fun. It was a great night and I am so glad my grandparents were in town for all of the Easter festivities!

This is pretty much the only picture I could get of both of them smiling. Brooklyn is not to fond of posing for pictures these days.
I love Logan in this picture!
Looking for eggs!
And Brooklyn...

What a handsome boy he is!
Running his egg drop entry back to be thrown again.

All three of their eggs broke. Bummer!


Emily said...

Looks looker so much fun! So hecka sad I missed it! We have the best family traditions!

michelle's 10 things said...

They are so fun (and cute:) I really enjoy the family Easter traditions that Grandma and Grandpa provide for us.
And I LOVED watching Logan "shot put" the bowling ball :D