Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Elf on the Shelf

We love having our elf, Elfie, here for the holidays.  Logan was really worried that he was going to forget to come to our house this year.  David assured him that when our Christmas tree was up, he would come.  And he did.  Logan was way into Elfie this year.  The very first thing he did each morning was find where Elfie was hiding and what he was doing.

1. Toilet papered the Christmas tree.
2. Hung on the front door.
3. Played Atari.
4. Brought some presents for the kids.

1. Climbed in the bowl of Halloween candy.  All of that candy ended up finally getting thrown away after the new year.
2. Climbed in a stocking.
3. Played with the kids light toys from Zoo Lights.
4. Roasted marshmallows.

1 and 2. Drew on our family pictures.
3. Spelled Be Good in M & M's.
4. Hiding in a box.

1. Played a game with stuffed animals.
2.  Hanging out in the bathroom.
3. Brought me my stars for my Willow Tree Nativity.  I wanted them really really bad and was totally surprised.
4. Playing with Logan's new Hot Wheels track.

1. Eating some Christmas candy.
2.  Just hanging out on a shelf.
3. Turned the milk pink and green.
4. Hanging out in the tree.

1. Hanging from the light.
2. Brought the kids a little gift.
3. Changing Brooklyn's baby's diaper.
4.  Trying to slide down the railing.

1, 2, and 3.  Painted the kids noses.
4.  Reading a Christmas book.

Logan already can't wait for him to come back next year.  He left a little note for the kids right next to the plate of Santa's cookies.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture, but he did say he was excited to be back next year.

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Emily said...

I loved driving Logan to preschool everyday and hearing what "the little trickster, Elfie" had done that day!