Monday, January 21, 2013


Brooklyn turned 2 last Thursday.  I cannot believe she is already two!  She has been so excited to tell people she is two, but on her birthday she kept telling us she was 5 like Logan.  When she woke up on her birthday her presents were wrapped and waiting on the couch for her, but David wasn't awake yet so I told her she had to wait.  She could hardly stand the waiting.  She kept walking over and trying to sneak opening one.  Then she would try to go in and wake David up.  She was so excited!

She loves opening presents.  She would tear a teeny piece of wrapping paper off and hand every single one to David for him to throw away.

Logan had a dentist appointment that morning that David took him to so Brooklyn and I just hung out at home for a bit.  She loved playing with her new toys.  After they got home Brooklyn chose Mcdonalds for her birthday lunch.  After lunch we went home and she took a nap and then later that night we went to my parents and had donuts.  She had so much fun on her birthday and I seriously can't believe she is two!

We went to the Dr. today and her stats are:
Weight: 23 lbs.- 21%
Height: 32 in.- 6%

Some things about Brooklyn at 2 are:
-She still has her curly curly hair.  I love it so much and I hope she always has it.
-She says 6-7 word sentences and can definitely let us know what she wants.
-She is still a Diva, but has calmed down quite a bit.  Not nearly as much screaming as she used to.  
-She is very small.  He 6 month old cousin only weighs 2 pounds less than her.
-She absolutely loves dolls.  She loves to feed them and change their diapers.  She also really loves real babies.  I really think she will be a great big sister...someday.
-She loves Logan a lot.  Every time he is at school she can't wait til we go pick him up.  But she also picks on him like crazy.
-She is starting to get better about actually eating.  Its been really nice having her actually try things instead of just refusing to eat.
-She wears the same size diapers as her 6 month old cousin which is size 3. 
-She loves candy.
-She really likes to dance and will often have me get up and dance with her.
-She loves clothes and shoes.
-Her favorite color is pink.
- She loves to sing I am a Child of God, Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam, Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes, and Do as I'm doing.  She really loves to sing anything, but those are the ones that she will just all of a sudden start singing on her own.

She has been so much fun lately.  I love mornings where its just the two of us and we can play and talk and just have fun together.  


Emily said...

She is definitely ALL girl! I love her! Its so fun watching her learn:)

Rachel W. said...

She is so cute! I cant believe she is 2!! Last time i saw her is when she was a baby! Looks like she had a fun bday!

michelle's 10 things said...

We love our cute, smart Brooklyn :)