Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dinosaur Museum

At the beginning of February Logan and Lincoln were off track so we went to the dinosaur museum and Thanksgiving point.  It was my first time there and the kids had so much fun.
They had a lot of fun with this dinosaur.  You could put different arms, legs, and spikes on it in different places.

Logan liked playing in this watery sand.

Brooklyn would not go anywhere near this shark.  She was scared of a lot of the different things they had there.

Looking at the waterfall.

How much do you weigh compared to a dinosaur?

We had a lot of fun.  Thank you Emily for always thinking of fun things for us to do while off track.  We can't wait for spring to go back and do some of the other things they have at Thanksgiving point.

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Emily said...

I love our off-track activities!