Monday, March 25, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

A couple of days before St. Patrick's Day, Logan's preschool was having a St. Patrick's Day party.  He has been talking about catching the Leprechaun for a month.  He has been so excited and could hardly wait for school that morning.  He was telling me that his tummy hurt because he was so excited.  Well about five minutes from the school he threw up in the car.  We turned around and went home and I felt so sad for him that he was missing such a fun party that he had been so excited for.  I told him our Leprechaun would make the actual day very special.
On Saturday night we made our Leprechaun trap.  The kids found little food/candy type things to put in the trap to lure the Leprechaun. 

Our finished trap with the goodies.

I sure love these two!

The Leprechaun sure brought a lot of green and gold treats!

Cute rainbow streamers.  We had to leave this up for two days because the kids loved it so much!

That night Leslie and Emily did a scavenger hunt for the kids to find the pot of gold.

Not sure why this picture is out of order, but he also turned our milk green.

The leprechaun left us gold candy.  Unfortunately, we didn't catch him.

I think the Leprechaun made up for Logan missing his party.  Both kids had so much fun! 

I want to write this for memories sake.  Logan was told by my sister that my little brother Mark is a leprechaun.  Tonight he said to her, "I think it is weird that Leprechauns don't live with other Leprechauns."  She said, "Well I think they do." and Logan said, "No Mark lives with Ashley."  I love that he thinks this and is too nervous to even ask Mark about it.  I hope that magic lasts a long time!

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Emily said...

It was SO hecka sad he was sick! Glad he had fun on the real St Patruck's Day, though!

So hecka hilarious that the kids believe us about Mark! It will be fun to keep it going!