Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hotel for Dogs

I feel like all i have to blog about lately is playdates. I don't necessarily think yesterdays playdate is blogworthy but I have to blog about something. So here goes...For playdate yesterday we went and saw the movie "Hotel for Dogs". I was not too excited to see this movie but it was at the dollar movies so it wasn't like i would be out money. I actually ended up thinking it was a pretty good movie. It was a good story for kids. I am glad i didn't pay eight dollars to see it but I would definitely see it at the dollar movie again if someone wanted to. We had two new additions to playdate yesterday. My cousins Kate and Benjamin. Logan absolutely loves Kate and was so glad to have her there we are glad they could come.

I also added a couple other pictures on here cause they were so cute. Logan has this wiggles book that he loves. I am not sure why. We do not allow Wiggles watching in our house so its not like he knows who the people are. Its a little book about shapes and he reads it all the time. Usually when he is quiet I have to worry but lately he has just been laying down reading. He is becoming such a little boy rather than a baby. I love it!
Lately my camera and memory card have been doing stupid things so that is why this picture has a line through it. I don't know what the problem is.

The next picture is him folding his arms. He has been folding his arms to say prayers for a couple months now, but i just barely remembered to take a picture. It is so cute we say prayer time and he folds his arms right away. He doesn't fold them the traditional way and I know I will be so sad when


Casey and Diana said...

I love that picture of him folding his arms!! I can't wait until Preston is doing that. Hey I just noticed you have a "button" for my sister in law's photography. Awesome!!!!!!!

Melanie said...

Cute kid! And you can probably call Kodak and tell them what's wrong with your camera. It's still under warranty.

Rachel Washburn said...

He is such a stud! Looks like a fun playdate! Thats cool you guys always get together and do those I bet Logan loves them! Thats so cute he reads his books.

Teresa Farmer said...

I love reading about your playdates. Logan has gotten so big. I can't believe everything that he does. He is so smart. We need to do a playdate in June when I get back.