Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Swimming: Take Two!

Every Memorial Day we go swimming at my aunt and uncles house. As I posted before Logan was not too fond of the water last time we went swimming. I was expecting this time to be much of the same thinking it would take him four or five times until he started to like it. Nope. He LOVED it!! He had so much fun. David would throw him in the air and catch him and he would laugh. He would get out on the side and walk into the my arms while I was in the pool and just laugh. He tried to swim away from us, dip his head in the pool, play with the noodles. It was amazing how much he loved it. So maybe we have a fish on our hands after all. When I got him out he was not too happy with me, but his lips were blue and he was shaking. So I got him out and my sister got him dressed. For the next hour he tried to go jump in the pool. I said "I don't know what I am going to do for the whole summer" and my aunt suggested just letting him go back in. So I got him in his swimsuit again and he got back in for about another hour. Then again he was mad when I got him out. I love that he likes it so much!

I love this picture of them because they are making the exact same face!

Everytime David threw Logan in the air I would cringe. It was freaking me out, but Logan loved it!

He hated wearing these goggles but I just had to get a picture.

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Rachel Washburn said...

I am so glad he loved it! We all need to go swimming Abby loves it so far but I heard most kids go through that phase! Oh I love logans hair in your last post it cracks me up!!