Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Racing Day/Carnival

Today was a very eventful day. First off we had racing day. For those of you who have children who watch Backyardigans might know what this is. For those of you who don't it is an episode where the backyard friends have race around the world. They run, snowboard, canoe, and something else that I can't remember right now. A couple of months ago my sister Leslie was at the dollar store and found some stick horses and we thought it would be fun to use those for our racing day. Today was the first time we have had perfect weather to do it. Layne and Annie had so much fun with it. Leslie made obtacle courses they would have to go through with their horses. Logan on the other hand couldn't have cared less. He just wanted to walk around and try to pick up the cones. It was still a lot of fun with him though.

Last week I bought Logan two hats and have been trying to get him to wear them and he won't. Today he actually kept it on for over ten minutes. I was very excited about this. He is also very into sunglasses right now so he liked to play with those as well. He had not taken his nap yet so by the end of racing day he was exhausted. He went home and took a great nap.

After Logan's nap we went to the school carnival at the school that my sister works at. I used to work for the company that does the carnivals so it is always fun for me to go and see people. They also gave us wristbands half price which was really nice. We went with my sister, Layne and Elana, and Lincoln and his sisters. They are so awesome with Logan that figured Logan would love to go on the big blowup slides with them since he loved them at Classic. I was wrong. I had to get on the slide and go down with him and he still didn't like it. Later he went over to the Batman bounce house and really wanted to go in. So I went and rounded up the kids to take him in. He was so anxious to get in. About a minute before we went in I took his shoes off and he was not very happy about it, so when I stuck him in the bounce house he cried hysterically. After about five seconds he climbed out. Oh well. Maybe next year he will enjoy it.

Lincoln and Layne got their hair colored, so I thought it would be so cute to get Logan's done and get a picture. I figured Logan would cry while they were doing but he didn't. He was fascinated by it. When we got out of line we found out Layne and Elana had left. I was so sad I didn't get a picture with all three of them, but at least I got one with Logan and Lincoln. By the end of the night Logan was so tired and fell asleep on the way home.

At the beginning of racing day the kids were playing in these cars. I am so happy my parents got these cars. Last week my dad stayed home from work for a few days to work on the yard and when we got to their house he stopped to play with Logan. And as i have mentioned before my dad and Logan absolutely love each other and he lets Logan do whatever he wants. Logan wanted to go across the street and play in the neighbors garage with their toy car. My dad let him! In the garage! I was so embarrassed. She came out of her house and said "Oh I thought maybe it was a cat." Well later than night Lincoln's mom came to bring stuff for the garage sale my mom was having and she just happened to bring two of those cars. Perfect timing! My sister Hilary was so nice to buy them for the boys!

Annie and Layne on Racing Day.

Logan with his cute hat on.

Logan with his hat and glasses. I don't know if I will ever be able to get a picture with him wearing both things again.

Logan and I on the slide.

Logan and Lincoln with their colored hair! Everytime I would look at Logan I would crack up!

Emily and the kids when we were leaving the carnival.

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So fun!! We need to play sometime!!!