Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day

We left our camera at David's parents house on Christmas Eve so I don't have any pictures yet of that night. I will have to post about that later. Christmas Day was a whole new experience to say the least. We were so excited to have a toddler for Christmas this year. It turned out our toddler did not enjoy Christmas. He liked opening his first few presents and then got bored. When we got to my parents house for breakfast he was so overwhelmed and just cried and wanted to watch backyardigans. Later at David's parents he still was not enjoying the festivities and only relaxed when he got his new Cars chair and guitar. We still enjoyed our Christmas, but for the first time ever I was happy when Christmas Day was over. I have never felt like Christmas was a lot of work until this year.

Some highlights of Christmas were:
*When Logan sang Jingle Bells all by himself for our family Christmas Eve talent show.
*Watching Logan open his first few gifts where he actually enjoyed it.
*David playing with his helicopter for HOURS!
*Logan yelling at the Wii and saying "Are you kidding me?"
*My dad being so great and watching Logan on Christmas night while we played Wii even though he was still grumpy!

As rough as it was we really did have a wonderful Christmas and are so grateful for all of the wonderful things we have been blessed with this year.

I love Logan's face in this picture. He really liked his Furreal.

Playing with his race car set. That was one of his favorite gifts that Santa brought.

One of the only times he relaxed during the day was when he was eating candy and watching Backyardigans at my parents house while we all enjoyed opening gifts.

Sitting in his new Cars chair and playing the guitar.

David LOVES this helicopter. My dad, grandpa, and Layne all got them too and love them. It is a really fun toy.


Teresa Farmer said...

Logan looks so big. I can't believe he is two. He is way cute and I am glad you guys had a good christmas.

Rachel Washburn said...

He is growing up so fast I can't believe he can sing jingle bells haha so cute. He looks so grown up in all those pics! Thats good you guys had a good christmas I am glad its over too!

Leslie said...

Its a good thing his great aunt Leslie gave him that Backyardigans Dvd for christmas so he could still there and watch it. :)