Monday, December 7, 2009

Santa Clause

On Saturday was our ward Christmas breakfast. I am on the committee so I had to be there, but David had work. I asked my sister if she would come with me and watch Logan while I served food and cleaned up. She was so wonderful and said yes. It turned out pretty good. We ate breakfast and then some people in the ward sang some Christmas carols. After that it was time for Santa Clause to come. Our normal Santa we use just got knee surgery and couldn't come, so we got a recommendation from someone. It is amazing to me that someone recommended this guy. He had the creepiest Santa costume I had ever seen. His beard was straight and square looking and the mustache was falling off. None of the kids seemed to notice though. As we were waiting in line Layne was so excited, but Logan kept saying he wanted to go bye bye cause he was a little nervous. Layne sat on Santa's lap first which made Logan more willing to do it. He didn't cry but he was sure nervous and wouldn't talk very loud to Santa. But he did it and it was good practice.


Teresa Farmer said...

That santa is creepy looking. That is great that Logan did so good on his lap.

Rachel Washburn said...

His beard looks yellowish lol that funny. That is good he would actually sit on him most kids at this age are too scared!

michelle said...

Don't worry. We will, FOR SURE, get his picture taken with a much better, very good Santa.