Friday, December 11, 2009

Turkey Sweater + Thumb holes = Ugliest Sweater

Last Friday our friends had an Ugly Sweater party. As soon as I found out about it I started thinking about what sweaters we could use. Unfortunately, no one close to us had any that were hideous enough. So I went to several DI's trying to find the perfect sweaters for David and I. I looked for a couple weeks and coulding find anything. So on the day of the party me, my mom, and sister decided to venture out again since we needed them that night. I found the most perfect sweater for David. It was in the ladies section but it was quite large so I decided he could have it. I found a pretty good one for me, but knew David's could potentially be the winner. It has tons of turkeys all over it. He was pretty excited when he saw it. So we get to the party and are just hanging out when all of a sudden David says hey in the pockets there is a place for just your thumbs! Who would even think to put that in a sweater they were making? Anyway, David won and very deservedly so. It was a lot of fun!

Me and the Winner!

Quin and Teresa wore Utah hoodies. I totally had that thought, but figured the friends putting on the party are Utah fans so I probably shouldn't. I am glad someone did though.

Angela and Jesse in their ugly sweaters.

The hosts in their ugly sweaters. Thanks guys it was a lot of fun!


Teresa Farmer said...

That party was so much fun. David really did have the best sweater! It was so good to see you guys too and catch up.

christy said...

I'm pretty sure I've seen at least two of those sweaters on old Cosby Show episodes. Classic!

Rachel Washburn said...

That is the funniest sweater I have ever seen! I wish we could have been there it looked like alot of fun! I can't believe it had holes for the thumbs haha thats hilarious!

Leenz said...

I love ugly sweaters!! David's was pretty RAD!