Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Zoo Lights

One of our favorite holiday traditions is going to Zoo Lights.  Last year was our first year and we had so much fun we decided it needed to become a tradition.  This year we went on opening night and it was PACKED!!  Not only was it opening night, but it also wasn't freezing.  That made for some crowds.  Once we found parking and got inside the gates it wasn't too bad.
Brooklyn loved her new hats and gloves.

We were so glad Lincoln came with us.  We were also happy Hilary, Leslie, Mark, Ashley, and Jett could come.  Unfortunately, David was sick.  Hopefully he can come next year.
The boys really liked this crocodile light!

This popcorn was almost as big as Brooklyn!



It was such a fun night and a great way to kick of the holiday season!

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Emily said...

Looks and sounds like you guys had a ton of fun! I bet Brookster was in Heaven with that giant bag of popcorn!!!